1st Annual Recycled Art Show

1st Annual Recycled Art Show

In Honor of EARTH DAY: A one day exhibit showing how Art & Inspiration can bring new life to “trash”. Sponsored by Chestertown’s Mayor Bailey’s Office and the Chestertown RiverArts

April 21st – 9:00 to 1:00 during the Farmers’ Market in Chestertown.

Come check out the Bottlecap Murals created by students from Worton ES, Galena ES, and HH Garnett ES!

Visual Arts Teacher Aimée Boumiea art students at WES, GALES, and HHGES have been collecting plastic bottlecaps from various containers to complete large murals. Art students in Kindergarten through 5th grade have worked on the murals at each school for the past year and have finished creating 4×4 foot murals out of plastic bottlecaps.

Last school year, the students identified and discussed various murals around the United States and planned their own. There was a mural design contest with grades 2-5 to come up with the best partial design to include on the schoolwide mural. There were several winners in each school voted on by their peers. Students helped combine the designs into one large design and chose the colors to use.

The murals will be displayed at the Recycled Art Show and the Kent County Public Schools Art Show.

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