Four Chaplains Memorial Service at American Legion Post 36

March 11, 2017

In the early morning hours of February 3, 1943, the troop ship Dorchester was struck by a German Torpedo in the North Atlantic. The ship sunk in a very brief time. Four chaplains, of Catholic, Protestant and Jewish faiths helped to get as many men off the ship as possible before the ship sank. Even giving 4 men who could not locate their life jackets. Nearly 700 lives were lost that day, including the 4 Chaplains, Lt George Lansing Fox, Lt Alexander David Goode, Lt Clark Vandersall Poling and Lt John Patrick Washington. Only around 200 men survived the attack and many of them attributed their survival to the assistance and acts of compassion of the four chaplains.

On a day when the weather was very much like it was on that night in 1943, the Frank M Jarman American Legion Post 36 held a service honoring the Four Chaplains.

Members of the post read biographies and lighted a candle for each of the four chaplains.

Also in attendance were the Department of Maryland Commander Patrica McCoy and Sergant-at-arms Will Trotter.

Post Chaplain Larry Wilson was instrumental in the planning for the ceremony.

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