Kent Center’s 11th Annual Goosebump Jump

The water temperature was a brisk 52 degrees and the air temperature just a few degree cooler when Kent Center held their 11th Annual Goosebump Jump into the waters of the Sassafras at Betterton Beach.

Photo by SG Atkinson: Kent Center's Goose Bump Jump Group Photo

Teams to join the jump were; Echo Hill, Washington College’s Enactus, Local Honey, Radcliffe Corporate Minions, The G’s, Team Rodie and the biggest team of the day Kent Center.

If you would like to donate contact Kent Center or use the link

All proceeds of the event benefits Kent Center’s “Wheel of Hope” campaign to provide flexible and accessible transportation for 70 individuals to jobs, social events, whatever.

More photos by SG Atkinson can be see on Facebook

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