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PotW: Yvng Swag at Legacy Day

Yvng Swag, Nick Cannon N’Credible Entertainment artist, attended Legacy Day in Chestertown on August 19, 2016 and entertained the crowd with a song and dance number. Continue reading

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PotW: Pirates and Wenches Co-Chairs Mark and Einstein

For 10 years Mark and Suzanne Einstein have been Co-Chairs of the Annual Pirates and Wenches Fantasy Weekend in Rock Hall. Today was the final day of the event and perhaps also the final year for them as Co-chairs as well. Thank You Mark and Suzanne for 10 great weekends. Continue reading

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Potw: Betterton Beach

Yesterday was Betterton Appreciation Day and having a photo of the week from that day seemed natural. But instead of one that captures the day, I choose one that I think captures the beach in general. Continue reading

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PotW: Chestertown’s Crazy Days

This past weekend was Chestertown’s Annual Crazy Days Sales, an event that has been going on for many years. Continue reading

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PotW: Kent County 4-H’ers

This week was the annual Kent County Fair. A time that the 4-H’er can exhibit the hard work of the previous year. On the Sunday morning after the fair and after the clean-up has been done, they all come together as a group to be acknowledged for their hard work and congratulate them on their success. Continue reading

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PotW: A Chase to Remember

Generally the Photo of the week was taken during the previous week. This week is a little different. With The Kent County Fair beginning in a few days, let’s look back at last year’s and one of its most popular events, the Greased Pig Contest. Continue reading

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